Monday, February 19, 2018

Two-page layouts: really big and really small

This is the final two-page layout I made this past month. This one I knew I would be pairing a big photo with small ones. The big photo involved my son at the starting line of a cross country race. Without a big photo my son would have been lost. Here's what I did:

Like the previous layouts, I had saved autumn die cuts. I then picked out some autumn hued papers that matched the die cuts and then spread it across the page. Here's the details:

Like before, I used Elle's Studio die cuts, plus elements from my Ali Edwards kits and Stampin' Up! Project Life kits.

Here's an interesting note: I had originally designed the page with the pages reversed, but my son said he preferred the pages reversed, and so I did it. It's his memory, after all.

Thank you for visiting while I share these two-page layouts I made this past month! Soon I'll share my Simple Scrapper pages for March. They are some of favorite ever. I can't wait to share them!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Two-page layouts: Products, memorabilia, and a grid

For the past month, I have scrapped several two-page layouts. I shared one the other day. Today I wanted to share the next page I made.

Like the last layout, I started with autumn die cuts I had pulled as I sorted and color-coded my die cuts. This time All of my photos but one were the same size, so I picked a couple pieces of patterned paper from my scraps as background and set the photos up as a grid. Here it is:

This commemorates a trip to a local orchard with a cider house. While we were there, we enjoyed the sights and tastes, but the boys particularly loved the scavenger hunt for the gnomes all around the barn. Each gnomes had a shaped punch (scrapbooking tools--hooray!) that they used on their game card, and the completed card earned them free apples. Nice! I made sure to put the cards on the page.

Here's a closer look:

To enclose the memorabilia, I adhered the die cut with dimensional stickers to tuck the cards behind.

About the gnomes: they came from Pebbles die cuts, I believe. When I saw them, I set them aside to use on this page. The apples I cut from Bella BLVD and adhered with dimensional stickers. Lots of die cuts from Elle's Studio too.

Thank you for visiting! I hope this gives you some inspiration in scrapping an event photo layout. Back soon with another two-page layout!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Two-page layouts: starting by sorting

Hello! I have spent the last month with several tasks. Professionally, I read many student arguments, commented on them, and conferenced with the students. I also have a student teacher, who is doing fine work. Personally, I visited my home to see my dad, who is in rehab after a stroke two months ago. While there (and stuck in Detroit because of our mammoth snow in Minnesota on my way home!) I read a few books: Arcadia, The Art Forger, and Underground Airlines (I'm in the middle of four more: Rabbit, The Snow Child, V is for Vengeance, and The Ladies' Room). I also scrapped, more slowly than I wished. Here I'd like to share a bit of what I did.

First: I scrapped autumn photos, most of which were two-page layout amounts. I liked scrapping these warm photos in this bitterly cold month! To prepare, I sorted my die cuts into a hanging file holder by color. When I saw dies that were autumn themed, I put them aside to use on these autumn spreads. Here's the first one I made:

The autumn dies I put aside to use were the Elle's Studio journaling tag, the Pebbles circle and hearts, and the words. My son picked out the background paper, which was nice. I think he did a good job of selecting paper for this walk in the arboretum. Here's some closer looks:

I picked the Voluptate font for the title because it matched the die cut words so well. Looking back, I wished I'd adhered the FAMILY a bit lower, but it's fine as it is.

And that's my first of three two-page layouts! All of them started by my sorting and putting aside die cuts that were autumn themed. Later this week I'll share the rest of the pages, plus some news about an exciting restart in the crafting world!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

February pages for Simple Scrapper

I spent a full weekend scrapbooking after the new year (yippee!) and I wanted to share them right away. Here they are:

I used a sketch from February's Simple Scrapper for this page. I wanted to document a favorite photo from my mother's last visit. I used it to commemorate the years she's spent visiting for their birthdays and how we treasure these visits.

I used a lot of pink on this page, plus lots of green to match her shirt.

Next I used a story starter to document my creative outlet in the last year, which was too busy for me to scrapbook and cross-stitch: instead, I cooked. I printed a lot of my food photos and made this page to document a timeline of my creative cooking:

I used an Ali Edwards kit for this page, plus bright colors and die cuts from my stash.

I wrote the names of the dishes on the photo mats.

These utensils were random finds when I was sorting my die cuts. Fun find!

Thank you for visiting today. Please visit Simple Scrapper to see the wonderful story starters and sketches/digital templates, plus the monthly digital magazine full of layouts and scrapbooking inspiration!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Same page different boy

Not too often, but occasionally I make a page about the same subject with both boys Here are the pages I made regarding a virtual eality game they played at the Mall of America. First, Rowan:

(You can sew through chipboard! Just use the hand tool.)

Here's the page I made about Dominic:

I used Ali Edwards kits for both boys, just different ones.

Here's some hints I learned about making two pages about the same subject for different people without making the exact same page:

  1. Do them on separate days.
  2. Select one aspect of each story you want to focus on, and choose product to fit that subject (the kits I picked were themed FUN for Dominic and LENS for Rowan; those fit each boy's story).
  3. Choose background/dominant colors first to reflect the emotion in the pages.
  4. Show the pages to your subjects and allow them to give you feedback and ideas.
So those are my pages about the same subject! I hope it gives you ideas to scrap the same idea but in different ways.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Scrapbooking the year

Every year I do a retrospective layout on the big events from the year. Usually I design the page based on leftover photos I haven't scrapped. This year, I was more purposeful with my photo printing and had very few leftover. As a result, I went through the year in photos and selected the ones that for me represented our family's year. Here it is:

I used an Ali Edwards kit for this, one regarding the end of the year. I used it on my last year review page as well. Here are some details:

The title was foam, so I stapled it on. I couldn't reach far enough, so I glued the last letter. Fortunately, I still had enough numbers for the year!

I like laying down stickers and sewing them down. This kit also had chipboard, which you can also sew down. I just do it slowly with the hand wheel to make it even.

Thank you for visiting! I spent a lot of time editing photos this weekend, and I will share many more pages these coming weeks.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Documenting Christmas cards

Every year I save the Christmas cards with photos and turn them into a layout. I have albums just for Christmas pages, and I put them in there. I've been behind lately. Here's the pages I worked on over winter break:

This first one was complete, until I got a few late cards. I added a 6x12 page with the remaining photos. I keep my themed products (Christmas, camping, travel, Halloween, school) in Iris containers, so I fortunately still had the green paper for the bottom. I had no more of the plaid on the upper right, so I found a similar plaid and used it.

This next page came from two years ago (I was behind!). I have a TON of Christmas products--many years on design teams guaranteed lots of product--but I still got the new Christmas line from Stampin' Up!, the one with blacks and greens. I added silver and touches of red from other Christmas lines I had.

I also made the pages for 2017 as well, but I'm holding on to see if I have any late cards before posting them and putting them in albums.